“THE son of god” banned from Australia

(AustraliaMatters) Not so many years ago, washed up Pommie sports presenter David Icke, claimed numerous times in the fake news main stream, he is … “THE son of G-d”.

Words are important –  he claimed to be “THE”,  not ‘a’ son.

Today the recovering blasphemer claims the Queen of England is a lizard, the moon is hollow and we’re all illusions in a non-reality.

Errr, we stopped listening to his rubbish 10 years ago.

Yesterday AM was sent an email asking to sign a petition to let Icke into Australia. Why would he be banned? He’s been here 10+ times in the past, yet now he’s supposedly banned because of what he talks about.

All the lizard stuff aside, we took interest because it’s a freedom of speech issue.

We don’t have to agree with what he says – as long as he’s peaceful and not advocating violence, then why block him from lost dummies that want to give him money to talk about lizards and hear him backslide about being Jesus?

Needless to say, we signed the petition to let the nut ball in.

There’s worse overt and covert witchcraft rubbish on Australian TV – radio than the rubbish Icke speaks about … yet that’s allowed to pollute (when it’s one side pro-witchcraft BS day after day, and no Christian counter balance, then it’s pollution) Australian children’s minds.

-Rod Freeman


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