The CEC Report – April 27th 2012

On The CEC Report this week, Robert Barwick and Craig Isherwood discuss:
1. Before all industry is gone, fight with the CEC
2. Treason Dossier: Paul Keating’s free trade
3. The climate “debate” is one big charade

Australian Traitor: Ross Garnaut

Editors note: This CEC report is a must hear. Manufacturing is just 8% of the Australian economy and the car indusrty is a large part of that. Kevin Rudd’s puppet master Ross Garnaut (right) openly admits the Australian government system only cares about mining and sea ports. Such Australian system traitors don’t give two squats about Australian manufacturing. Australia changed from a gold backed economy to a goods based economy in the early 1930’s. We’re manufacturing less goods now days, which means what for our economy-country?

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