Month later no news about “gang” that bashed Grandfather Anthony Clark on Christmas Day 2019

Anthony Clark Christmas Day before being bashed in Moorolbark, Melbourne

Grandfather, 50, was ‘stomped on and beaten with baseball bats’ by a gang of youths after a row over FIREWORKS on Christmas Day – as his devastated family prepare to take him off life support. DailyMail 29/12/19.

4 weeks later, still no Police updates about the Melbourne “gang” that bashed Mr. Clark and his family. Why not?

His daughter told her brother they were “African”, and he repeated that over the radio station 3AW.

The radio station, not the brother, retracted that claim.

They all brawled earlier that day (cops have all names on file) and later that night, so obviously they could all see and describe each other.

If they were white punks, we would have been told that 4 weeks ago when it happened.

Let’s ask the Victorian police today on their Facebook account…

‘Flexing’ Victorian Police – flexing for whom?

Today is one month since a Grandfather was bashed by a ‘gang’ in Melbourne. He’s now dead. 4 weeks and still no news on the “gang” that attacked him on Christmas Day 2019. Who killed Mr Anthony Clark of Moorolbark? I asked yesterday but my question is gone. Keep deleting my questions while flexing for PR photos.

I asked the same question yesterday on the same “Zero Hero” flex post 24/01/20 and went back today to see if there was any response

Nope, they just deleted the question. Doesn’t look good asking questions while they’re busy flexing.

Very … what?

No response, deleted questions, 3AW backsliding? Why, because it will cause a backlash against a minority of immigrants??

Is that what’s going on after 4 weeks of silence? If so, guess who’s fault that is?

It’s hard to believe the so called Government (both sides) … BEFORE allowing a certain type in, didn’t first get AFP, ASIO and professional psychological assessments predicting how importing people from crime ridden parts of the world, into ‘happy go lucky Australia’would turn out!

I’m not a Victorian, so I didn’t speak up for Victorians. I’m not a Western Australian, so I didn’t speak up for the Western Australians…

That poem Trump recited about the Snake rings true.

They work for we Australians; not we for them!

Grow a pair; go ask the Victorian Police who, if anyone, has after 4 weeks hae been charged for the murder of Mr Anthony Clark!

If they get upset, remind those flexing PUBLIC SERVANTS that we admire former Victorian Police Office Simon Illingworth for exposing corruption – and have read the 2004 OPI tapes exposing satanic ritual child abuse in Victoria.

‘Zero Heros’ – the irony.


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