July 16th 2019 Australia’s 50th Anniversary helping the first moon landing.

(AustraliaMatters) July 16th, 2019, 50 years ago, three humans went to the moon. Or did they?

AM hasn’t entertained moon conspiracies the 13+ years of existence, as debates about it 13+ years ago were deflections away from 9/11.

Today while scanning the bizarre format BitChute video site (where people banned on Youtube go) I noticed a short video about film maker Stanley Kubrick. It was supposedly him speaking shortly before his 70th birthday, and shortly before his death in 1999 … come up for air … supposedly admitting … you guessed it … he being the guy that filmed the July 1969 moon mission … on Earth!

Rolling your eye yet? So was I …

FLASHBACK: Look at Neil Armstrong’s body language in this video. (Youtube)

Why are three moon hero’s (in the above video) looking like puppies that got caught pulling the couch apart? Tell me they aren’t hiding something.

Memo to NASA: don’t hire astronauts to be actors. They’re only good at being astronauts.

The guy that supposedly filmed Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 confession is called T Patrick Murray. He was told to hold the confession video for 15 year after Stanley’s death before releasing it.

Who? US talk show guy David Letterman only 11 months after retiring.

Below is my comment left on the supposed 1999 confession video released in 2015 …

Just read the snopes debug site which brought me here. Mic pointing towards Murray and not SK made the bass in his voice sound lower. Crank the voice in this clip through Audacity sound software and turn the bass up on his parts. It’s SK! Yet snopes did no professional sound testing. Why not? Then claimed it doesn’t look like him. 11 months after David Letterman retired, he’s unrecognisable too. SK has small moles on his face you can clearly see on certain head movement in this. Chart them then go look at official video and photos. It’s the same guy. Next snopes mentions the coaching edit. Well who goes to the trouble of faking a video, but then doesn’t edit out the mistakes? Then they quote his widow, through a third party supposedly speaking for her. She never denied this was him, only that what was said was supposedly untrue. Ow and the date two months off. Big deal, if I had this in my possession for 15 years, I’d be a bit nervous while editing it as well. Yes, editing had to add a title at the beginning, yet left the supped coaching in? What a joke snopes is. SK was drinking and not thinking very clear and not far from death. This is real, and the moon landing were fake. 50 years this month and filthy rich China that spends billions on ghost towns on earth, with all that tech and people power, can’t even send a monkey to the moon for Gods sake. I believe you Mr Patrick. It must have been a burden holding this all that time.

“Shooting Stanley Kubrick” -Youtube

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