Guilt By Association? Do as I Say, Not as I Abbott!


(AustraliaMatters) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s buddy President Barack Hussein Obama has finally admitted his “democratic” American country carriers out torture on human beings. Gee, and here we were thinking Gitmo was a five star luxury resort for kidnapped goat herders.

When Iraq’s former leader Saddam¬†Hussein was accused of torturing humans — the Australian Howard govermnet backed the 2003 illegal Iraq invasion that has resulted in the murder of over 655,000+ innocent Iraqi citizens.

PM Tony Abbott has yet to respond to the admitted war crimes and human rights violations carried out by America. Unconfirmed reports say Abbott’s high priority is Russia’s supposed involvement in the MH17 shoot down.

Meanwhile in Queensland, Australia — guilty by association motorcyclists are serving jail time on the tax payers drip for eating ice-cream while on holidays.

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