Happy Double Standards Day: January 26th, 2016

winnie(AustraliaMatters) About 228 years ago, a Winnebago (luxury motor home) was stolen. It was a real nice large and roomy motor home.

The thieves loved it so much, that they lived and bred their offspring in it.

Police eventually found it and informed the owners descendants. The owners naturally asked when would they get their forefathers stolen Winnebago back.

Police said; “Sorry, but the thieves had children in it and we can’t deprive those children of their heritage. It’s been 228 years since the theft, so you’ll just have to share it. Besides, the thieves changed all the control levers, so only they know how to drive and take it where they like. But it’s not all bad news – you get to ride in the “traditional owners” back seat down near the leaking exhaust. There’s no view as the back window has been covered with a chipboard memorial plague – the black nikko pen message in your honor reads; “We say sorry”. Usually we’d do what we’re paid to do and uphold the law, but the ‘sorry people’ have big scary guns, foreign number plates, a rainbow serpent cloud fairy book, and are above the theft laws you yourselves must abide by”.

Funny how the majority in the western world supports the reestablishment of 1948 Israel (land owned by the Canaanites before all of them) after being gone for 1,500+ years — yet the same folks get all hostile regarding a Winnebago stolen only 228 years ago.

Now in 2016 we have foreigners with big fat cheque books eyeing off the Winnebago for their own selfish future needs. Just when did it become lawful to sell off stolen property?

Happy double standards day, 2016.

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