CSIRO Chief Executive: Former Rothschild

megan clark csiro nm rothschilds

(AustraliaMatters) CSIRO’s Chief Executive Dr. Megan Clark is the former Director of NM Rothschild and Sons (Australia) 2001-2003. Rothschilds coexist with the ‘Club of Rome’ whom penned the global warming scam plan back in 1991 Today the CSIRO is the Gillard governments scientific¬† strong arm pushing the man made global warming mantra in Australia. Coincidentally in 2011 Rothschilds Australia want to be our carbon tax banksters. How do you spell ‘coincidence’ and ‘conflict of interest’?

Those that think Tony Abbort will save us from puppet Gillard are in for a rude shock. His wife is former Rothschilds. Abbort is a Rhodes scholar. Fabian society member Cecil J Rhodes was a man made with Rothschilds funding. Then there’s Malcolm Turnbull, former Goldman Sachs banker as well. The banksters and their bird cage liners have us surrounded.

Hat tip @manque15 for the CSIRO heads up.

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