Coronavirus Victory: How China Is Spinning a Propaganda Win

(AM) We’ve been sitting back watching the last two months; watching Morrison drag his heels on…

  • the droughts (nil new dams)
  • the bushfires (wasting billions on noisy diesel submarines instead of buying our own emergency services gear)
  • and now this Bill Gates virus.

Bill gates virus? He, whom just stepped away from Microsoft software company, for what ever reason…

  • Gates 2015 funded Pirbright institutes patent 10130701 on “Corona Virus”. Sure, the patent is based on chickens. Chickens, bats, armadillos … does it matter when they lied about the “wet-market” BS? First guy that got it had nothing to do with the wet-market. Last week China changed it’s “wet-market” line and started blaming the USA
  • Gates 2019 funded a “Game” with “Players” called Event 201 simulating “65 million” dead in a global pandemic

Johns Hopkins Center, World Economic Forum and the Bill Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a pandemic exercise October 18, 2019 where 65 million die. Same Gates Feb 27, 2010 told a TED audience he wants to reduce world population by 15%. TED talk still online is titled “Innovating to Zero”

As mentioned in the video, this virus has been known about since November 17th, 2019 yet the so called Australian government (unlike the Russians they hate so much) has been slowmo to lock the gates.

  • Not one Australian Universality has been charged for deliberately paying Chinese “students” to circumvent flights from China to Australia … by going through third countries.
  • Yet last night on ABC’s QandA, a UNSW Adjunct Professor Bill Bowtell got up the government for allowing so many possibly sick / carries into Australia.

Now this week there’s whispers in the media that the so called Australian government is looking at rolling in the troops and setting up checkpoints.

Chinese biologist Dr. Xiangguo Qiu was kicked out of Canada July 2019. There’s level 4 bio-labs in Canada and Wuhan! Did she have anything to do with the Wuhan lab?

“New world order” globallists dream come true..

  • Knock the poor old people off, thus less pensions to fund
  • Ban cash due to it being ‘dirty’, and pay only by plastic banksters can charge a fee on every transaction –  and also watch what you buy. Falls in line with the $10,000 max cash payments BS sort by PM Morrison.
  • Forced vaccinations making those like bill Gates richer and helping “reduce world population by 10 to 15%”. Lord only knows what the “vaccine” side effects will be … sterility, permanent lung disease etc.
  • Public airlines and cruise-ships sent broke, thus cutting carbon emissions in line with Bill Gates “Innovating to zero” dream. The “elite” like Billy will still have their private jets and super yachts. Those enslaved in the book 1984 weren’t allowed to travel.

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines…we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

-Bill Gates Feb 27, 2010 TED talk “Innovating to ZERO”

“Innovating to ZERO” non-billionaire humans?

4 weeks ago, February 24th, 2020, Alan Jones pointed out Australian Labor had come up with some new climate change BS called … “Net zero emissions”

“Net zero emissions”, is mantra from Bill Gates “Innovating to zero” TED talk.

4 weeks ago, to meet that ZERO carbon BS, Jones pointed out airlines and such would have to cease flying, and our industries shut down.

4 weeks later, what’s going on? It’s coming true with US airlines talking about US$50B bail outs and others going bankrupt in a month.

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