Preaching with the preachers wastes time: Teach the People!

(Australia Matters) Since 2000, I was hooked on MSM “news” Analyzing sites such as, (same mob) and their comment forums to see what others like me were thinking.

2017 onward I rarely visit such sites anymore. Preaching with the preachers gets boring after a while.

A once thriving PrisonPlanet forum of 100’s […]

The Truth About the Sri Lanka Attacks – Paul Watson

(AustraliaMatters) Reaching for the sunglasses – Western media’s bias against Christians is blinding again.

Australian Government complicit with USA invasion of Venezuela via unelected sock puppet

‘Behind me is toothpaste CNN said doesn’t exist in Venezuela’ – Max Blumenthal explores markets read more on RT

Meanwhile, with plenty of non-aid, below market value food, and support for Venezuela’s elected leader, the so called Australian Government (with an ugly coup’ history of it’s own) is backing the unelected USA sock puppet […]

Australia, a Reverse Racism Practitioner?

(AustraliaMatters) First up, I’m no fan of either person in the opinions to follow; I believe both foreign born men should be deported.

So, I live in a fricked up country that deports white right wing Christians, (Pastor Logan Robertson) that with a prior Mosque appointment (later twisted into “trespass”) dared ask an Islamic […]

What a bad joke ASIO is!

Emailed to ASIO [email protected] April 18th, 2018

It was dust and smoke inhalation, not gas.

Who the hell told Turnbull otherwise making Australia look foolish? Who the hell let him get on TV and spew all that *hit?

You, ASIO did!!

*hit like that could trigger WW3. WW1 started over less. You clowns really […]

Urban war zones Fairfax won’t cover…

Easter Riots Victoria 2014

(Pickering Post) If you buy that Left wing rag they call The Age (Fairfax) don’t expect to read about stuff they don’t want you to read about. Particularly if it’s to do with Islamic “refugees”. Riots are happening right outside The Age’s front door, but still no reporters available. […]