Elite Australian Pedophile Ring – The ‘Office of Police Integrity’ (OPI) won’t do anything about an ELITE paedophile ring in Australia …“even if it’s still operating”

Australia let Indonesia invade East Timor Records show Canberra had 3 days warning but did nothing.

Australian PM’s are “new world order” stooges Contrary to s44 (.i) of the Australian Constitution that bans “adherence to a foreign power”.

GREEN traitors pushed for “one world parliament” Again, contrary to s44 (.i) of the Australian Constitution that bans “adherence to a foreign power”.

Blueprint For World Government Revealed “New book written by insider – 6,000 globalists control the planet and plan to completely end [Australian] national sovereignty.”

“World Bank President Admits Agenda For Global Government” When do you suppose the so called Australian government will tell us about this?

The secret we should all be let in on “Freemasonry has a long and far too shadowy history in Australian politics”

Bali Bombings + East Timor Massacre “Fool Me Twice” documentary made by Australian Glen Clancy with rare East Timor, Bali bombing footage and analysis John Howard hates you knowing.

Australian’s Hidden Murder Rate “91,000” new Australian’s are murdered each year. 3000+ Architectural and engineering professionals support a truly independent investigation of the events of September 11, 2001.

Principality of Hutt River An independent principality within Australia free from the ATO with it’s own money, stamps, and Government.

ABC NEWS: “Former PM John Howard accused of war crimes over Iraq troop deployment” read more

Australia’s ranked 28th in the world for ‘freedom of the press’ New Zealand’s ranked 9th. Why aren’t we 1st? Goes to show someone over lords our Australian “free press” in our freedom loving “democracy” with  D notices Natural Health, Natural Living, Natural News

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Queensland Govt admits falsifying Covid-19 death numbers

The more ‘dead due to Covid-19’, the longer the so called governments can keep the herd lock down restrictions going.

Wanna go back to the pub and your ‘normal’ life sooner? Whoops, hang on, another scary blip on the screen popped up delaying that.

What happens if you’re a megalomaniac labor-fabian government that wants a police state, but you don’t have the ‘scary’ death numbers to justify it?

Easy, when someone dies of a heart attack, cancer, starvation, third degree burns, sepsis, AIDS etc, but coincidently they have a very mild case of Covid-19 … record the death as “Convid-19”. Continue reading Queensland Govt admits falsifying Covid-19 death numbers

ScoMo’s COVIDSafe tracking app will cost jobs and millions more debt from false alerts

(Australia Matters) 100 school bag lockers with 100 phones stored in the same 10 meter area for OVER 15 minutes.

99 students (and their parents) later that afternoon get a message to ‘stay at home for 14 days’ because the owner of phone 100 tested positive.

Phone owner 100 only interacted with 19 students. So 80 working families suffer over false app alarms.

You’re back at work 14 days after the school false alarm.

You work on the first floor, and 3 meters directly above you (Bluetooth 10 meter range goes through objects) someone you’ve never met is sick, and their app records your phone being near them.

ScoMo’s people send you a message (without details of who’s phone tagged you, or where) ORDERING you stay home for another 14 days.

Your phone sends the same tags to your 10 office colleges app’s.

You’re going insane but still healthy, but with all the time off, your business shuts and you and your staff end up on JobKeeper.

Rolling false alarms costing the economy millions more debt hurt, coming soon.

Australian Politician Malcolm Roberts reminds us about the UN 1975 Lima Declaration TREASON

Wow, a guy I’ve been shitting off in the Youtube comments the last few weeks, asking where the bail-out-money is coming from, pulled this out his ass tonight.

Malcolm Roberts just sided lined stuttering Hanson with this speech.

7 min 30 seconds in, funny how the media don’t pick up on his reminder of the 1975 UN Lima declaration treason to de-industrialise first world nations like Australia of manufacturing jobs, and give them to China, India etc.

Crash course for about the treason called 1975 UN Lima Declaration. (Youtube)

CCP VIRUS DEBT – UK “effectively zero”, Australia $130+ BILLION

(AustraliaMatters) Comparing UK and Australia’s DEBT thanks to the lying CCP’s Convid-19 cover-ups, screw ups. Professor Steven Keen quote source

Global ‘elites’ wet dreams come true: Covid-19

COVID-19 “new world order”

“New world order” – Tuesday March the 17th 2020, Channel 9 Australia. ‘A Current Affair’ Tracy Grimshaw associated that loony ‘conspiracy theory’ term with the current global COVID-19 goings on.

For decades, such media outlets have ridiculed the existence of any such ‘new world order’ (NWO)


  1. Global sort “Net ZERO emissions” (Aust. Labor 2050 policy). “Innovating to ZERO” carbon emissions. (Bill Gates 2015 TED talk)
  2. Sort global cashless monetary system that charges the public to use their own money each transaction – global ‘big brother’ system that sees what the public are buying and selling. No cash purchases over $10,000 (RBA, ATO, IMF, World Bank wet dream)
  3. Sort solution to a growing financial ‘pension dependant’ elderly in Australia due to the record low 1.74 fertility rate.)
  4. Eliminate large social gatherings where public dare question / protest governments / “elites”. (France and Hong Kong riots etc)
  5. Reduce the global work force.
  6. Long term ‘1984′ like control over whole populations. (Hillary Clinton’s favourite book)
  7. Reduce worlds population by “10 to 15%” using “vaccines” (Bill Gates 2015 TED talk).
  8. Microchip the herd.

Points 1 though 8 above, correlate with points 1 through 8 below


  1. Carbon emitting airlines, cruise ship companies, etc. either going broke or asking for US$50B+ bail-outs. Public driving less due to not being able to afford fuel, and or being told at checkpoints to stay home.
  2. Promotion of cashless transactions instead of using ‘dirty virus covered cash’. Shops will start rejecting ‘dirty cash’ even through touch screens and EFTPOS carry the same risk. Jail those that buy and sell over $10,000. Bill Gates and Rockefeller funded ID2020 giving every human on earth a “Certified Mark”
  3. COVID-19 kills frail and elderly pensioners. Instead of first come first severed, death panel hospitals will refuse to treat those older than 80, then 70, then 60…
  4. Ban people in crowds of 500, 100, 10 … for fear of spreading COVID-19
  5. Shame and sideline the “non-essential workers”. 500,000+ jobs lost
  6. Tell the public COVID-19 won’t be solved “until September 2021” (18 months) and to stay isolated, “work at home”. Keep increasing the time frame each month; keep promising ‘cures’ and ‘vaccinations’ until the desired level of elderly is reduced. When the second wave hits after international travel is open, repeat all of the above. Some internal virus couriers take 12 weeks to show symptoms but will be allowed to walk free with the health after only 14 days.
  7. When the desired level of dispatched elderly is achieved, announce mandatory ‘vaccinations’ (Bill Gates “10 to 15%” special brew that causes sterility) under martial law. Covid-19 virus effecting testicles.
  8. To ‘prove’ vaccines have been taken, global citizens will be forced / media shamed, into taking an under skin ID tattoo-vaxx implant funded by Bill Gates and made by MIT called QUANTUM DOT TATTOOS. No vaxx-tatto, no accesses to public spaces, work. Make the herd carry a “COVIDSafe” tracking app.

PREDICTION – recently retired Microsoft board member Bill Gates, will position himself as the global Messiah leading the world out of dark times as the next non-doctor head of the WHO. (current head isn’t a doctor either)

July 23, 2015 Gates funded patent 10130701 on Coronavirus. Sure, it was for the chicken strain, not the “bat” strain … that’s oddly not talked about any-more. If bats were the cause, then why do we still let them shit on us in Australia? One month ago ACA 7 minute bat report never mentions “Coronavirus”

Why is a computer geek-nerd playing world doctor? Isn’t that what we pay our re-representative governments taxes for?

The rich get bored and take on Godlike projects such as reducing the worlds population by “10 to 15%”. Yet Gates won’t reduce his own kosher family down by the same amount; or force them to sterilise / not breed.

The “new world order” is for billionaires with private jets yachts travelling the globe, and their millionaire ‘yes men’ lackeys tailing behind. All others are regarded as viruses on their ‘new world’ plantation.

Prince of "starvation" Phillip“Vanishing Breeds Worry Prince Philip, But Not as Much as Overpopulation”
Interview in ‘People’ magazine with Prince Philip Dec. 21, 1981
Q: What do you consider the leading threat to the environment?
A: “Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.”
read more

That old movie “Revenge of the Nerds” is starting to look like a documentary.

related: NWO Georgia Guidestones monument inscribed law “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000“. Creator-owner supposedly unknown, yet local cops protect it from vandalism.

Coronavirus Victory: How China Is Spinning a Propaganda Win

(AM) We’ve been sitting back watching the last two months; watching Morrison drag his heels on…

  • the droughts (nil new dams)
  • the bushfires (wasting billions on noisy diesel submarines instead of buying our own emergency services gear)
  • and now this Bill Gates virus.

Bill gates virus? He, whom just stepped away from Microsoft software company, for what ever reason…

  • Gates 2015 funded Pirbright institutes patent 10130701 on “Corona Virus”. Sure, the patent is based on chickens. Chickens, bats, armadillos … does it matter when they lied about the “wet-market” BS? First guy that got it had nothing to do with the wet-market. Last week China changed it’s “wet-market” line and started blaming the USA
  • Gates 2019 funded a “Game” with “Players” called Event 201 simulating “65 million” dead in a global pandemic

Johns Hopkins Center, World Economic Forum and the Bill Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a pandemic exercise October 18, 2019 where 65 million die. Same Gates Feb 27, 2010 told a TED audience he wants to reduce world population by 15%. TED talk still online is titled “Innovating to Zero”

As mentioned in the video, this virus has been known about since November 17th, 2019 yet the so called Australian government (unlike the Russians they hate so much) has been slowmo to lock the gates.

  • Not one Australian Universality has been charged for deliberately paying Chinese “students” to circumvent flights from China to Australia … by going through third countries.
  • Yet last night on ABC’s QandA, a UNSW Adjunct Professor Bill Bowtell got up the government for allowing so many possibly sick / carries into Australia.

Now this week there’s whispers in the media that the so called Australian government is looking at rolling in the troops and setting up checkpoints.

Chinese biologist Dr. Xiangguo Qiu was kicked out of Canada July 2019. There’s level 4 bio-labs in Canada and Wuhan! Did she have anything to do with the Wuhan lab?

“New world order” globallists dream come true..

  • Knock the poor old people off, thus less pensions to fund
  • Ban cash due to it being ‘dirty’, and pay only by plastic banksters can charge a fee on every transaction –  and also watch what you buy. Falls in line with the $10,000 max cash payments BS sort by PM Morrison.
  • Forced vaccinations making those like bill Gates richer and helping “reduce world population by 10 to 15%”. Lord only knows what the “vaccine” side effects will be … sterility, permanent lung disease etc.
  • Public airlines and cruise-ships sent broke, thus cutting carbon emissions in line with Bill Gates “Innovating to zero” dream. The “elite” like Billy will still have their private jets and super yachts. Those enslaved in the book 1984 weren’t allowed to travel.

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines…we could LOWER that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

-Bill Gates Feb 27, 2010 TED talk “Innovating to ZERO”

“Innovating to ZERO” non-billionaire humans?

4 weeks ago, February 24th, 2020, Alan Jones pointed out Australian Labor had come up with some new climate change BS called … “Net zero emissions”

“Net zero emissions”, is mantra from Bill Gates “Innovating to zero” TED talk.

4 weeks ago, to meet that ZERO carbon BS, Jones pointed out airlines and such would have to cease flying, and our industries shut down.

4 weeks later, what’s going on? It’s coming true with US airlines talking about US$50B bail outs and others going bankrupt in a month.

"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy"
Australia Aussie Cannon Fodder
Former PM Rudd spent our taxes in 2008/09 flying around the world getting advice from unaccountable “new world order” war criminals.

China’s dictator admits INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM agenda

Australian New World Order Political Path to Tyranny part 2)

Here’s why Australian manufacturing is dying BY DESIGN: The 1975 Lima Declaration 

barbara lerner spectreThe “chosen” claim they’re behind Islam’s European influx Claims Europe will “die” if goals aren’t achieved. 

Sydney Opera House Architect Jan Utzon (son of Jorn Utzon) has serious 9/11 questions.

Alan Hart

Former BBC & ITN Middle East reporter Alan Hart says 9/11 was “allowed” to happen.

Steve Pieczenik

Steve Pieczenik, MD PhD Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter and Senior Policy Planner under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (41). Former Colonel, U.S. Army. Says 9/11 allowed to happen.

Thomas Kean 9/11 Report "set up to fail"

Commissioner Thomas Kean Claimed 9/11 report  “set up to fail”

Stu Bykofsky yearning for more deaths. “WE NEED ANOTHER 9/11” Jewish fellow Stu Bykofsky defended on FOX after writing desires for 2977 more human deaths. Would FOX news defend David Hicks or Muslims if they wrote the same crap? 

Former German Defense Minister Secretary Andreas Von Buelow says 9/11 was allowed to happen.

Pakistan General says 9/11 was allowed to happen 

Evan Kohlmann behind Pentagon produced psyopThis kosher fellow made Al Qaeda videos later used as evidence in the trials of so called Muslim terrorists.

Flashback: 100% forgery “The newly released Usama Bin Laden video is a an iron clad forgery, and not even a good one at that.”

NetanyahuIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said 9/11 terror attacks on America were “good” for Israel.

“NSA could have prevented 9/11 hijackings” NSA means “National Security Agency.”

Dick Cheney“Cheney Considered Killing Americans in Pretext to Attack Iran”This isn’t the first time also learn about  Operation Northwoods


Philip Zelikow’s Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up Why would a dual Israeli American cover up for so called “Muslim terrorists”?

sabroskyDr Alan Sabrosky Former U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute director says 9/11 was allowed to happen.

2007 Flashback: U.S. Gov Used 9/11 Al-Qaeda To Attack Iran G.W Bush authorised a group formerly headed by alleged 9/11 mastermind to be bankrolled & armed by CIA for covert regime change.

Tortured Patsies “Confess” To 9/11 And it had nothing to do with years of water boarding, electric cattle prods or sleep deprivation.

Xray Scanner sees through clothing Qantas scanner can see through clothes The real 9/11 and 7/7 “terrorists” would be most happy westerners are losing their rights and freedoms.

Fluoride is more toxic than lead.
Which Fluoride?
One of two common fluorides is natural, the other is industrial waste! Which fluoride are you swallowing hook, line and sinker?

28/07/09 European Court rules fluoridated water is “medicine”

Australia HIV tainted medicines sold to Australia? Pharmaceutical drug supplier ‘Bayer’ deliberately sold HIV tainted medicines onto the global market!

Debt to commiesAustralia’s $500+ billion dollar debt to an admitted communist dictator, Xi Jinping.

26/03/09 “Overseas firms to snap up Australian job services”

Australian Ca$h to become extinct as microchips takes off? “Australian Central chief executive Peter Evers believes cash will be replaced for most transactions in five-to-seven years.”

RothschilsWhat global economic crisis? “We provide advice on both sides of the balance sheet, and we do it globally.” With an estimated family wealth in the trillions David de Rothschild is very relaxed while profiting.

During the global economic crisis “Rothschild pays out record bonuses to staff”

“They Did It On Purpose”
The Housing Bubble & Its Crash were Engineered by the US Government, the Fed & Wall Street.

Winter 2009: “Melbourne shivers through coldest April in 60 years”

The Australian: 18/04/09 “Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away”

Al GoreAl Gore’s 1991 CoR mates caught warm handed
“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”